Woods Default Services Department has a full service, “start to finish” approach to representing clients throughout New York State. To do this, we use state-of-the-art technology and design our work flow model to ensure we are exceeding our clients' requirements and expectations. As part of the judicial process, we handle all matters that may arise within a judicial foreclosure, including estate matters, title curative, deed in lieu, and loss mitigation outside of the mandatory settlement part. Our uncontested attorneys are well versed in navigating the complex judicial foreclosure process within New York State, keeping in mind lender and investor timelines while zealously advocating and protecting our clients’ interests. Each attorney handles an assigned caseload of files that is designed to enable them to provide a high level of attention to detail while establishing key relationships within the New York State courts.

Title Curative

Within Woods Default Services, we have designed a process to resolve any title curative issues that are discovered on files, whether part of an overall foreclosure action or that need to be resolved before a foreclosure action can be commenced. Our Title Curative Team has extensive experience in title underwriting, real estate closings, and thoroughly reviewing title to identify any “cloud on title” and propose alternative title curative options. This includes, but is not limited to, reforming mortgages, reforming legal descriptions, mobile home title clearance, quiet title actions, and monitoring for senior lien foreclosure actions.

Loss Mitigation

Loss mitigation can occur both within and outside of a foreclosure action, and refers to all matters of home retention, including loan modification review, deed in lieu review, short sale offers, and repayment plans. Our attorneys recognize that our clients' focus is to explore all available home retention options. To that end, we work zealously to assist our clients by acting as an intermediary between the client and their customers to facilitation communication and review in a prompt and efficient manner.


Our Litigation team is composed of our most experienced attorneys who understand the risks inherent in the judicial foreclosure process and the high level of regulatory oversight in the mortgage servicing industry. Our litigation attorneys recognize that litigation can be costly and work in conjunction with our clients to resolve matters as expeditiously as possible and to the benefit of all parties.


Our Eviction Team works in conjunction with our Foreclosure, Litigation, and Bankruptcy Team to effectuate a quick removal of holdover tenants in lender-owned properties. We have vast experience appearing in the local housing courts handling eviction matters and strive to settle litigation promptly by negotiating cash for keys agreements and/or other stipulations.

Real Estate Owned

Real Estate Owned or “REO” is a term used to describe a type of real property in which the lender has taken ownership of the property after a foreclosure sale. Our REO Team oversees all legal aspects of the real estate transaction, including preparing and reviewing legal documents, negotiating the terms and conditions of the transaction, and facilitating the transfer of title.


Our bankruptcy attorneys have vast experience in the United States Bankruptcy Code and its application to secured properties.